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Full-Circle Analysis

Full-Circle Analysis

The Customer First AllianceSM Full-Circle AnalysisTM

What is a Full-Circle AnalysisTM?

  • A 360-degree Review of your business and personal financial situation and risks… aligned to your own stated goals, legacy and timeline.
  • Cost Savings Reports and Benchmark Reports as compared to similar organizations.
  • An ROI Action Report, including the top 10 steps you can take to save money and increase your profitability – within the next 90 days.
  • Provided by some of the nation’s leading professional service firms.*

Questions the Full-Circle AnalysisTM will answer:

  • Are you paying too much in taxes or missing any rebates and refunds?
  • How can you use your financial statements to drive more money to the bottom line…and into your pocket?
  • How do your key performance indicators compare to similar businesses?
  • What’s your “number” and what can you do today to have the greatest impact on it?
  • Are your will and trusts and other legal documents up-to-date…and protecting what’s truly important?
  • How can you get better control of rising insurance costs? Are your premiums similar to other dealerships?
  • Are you in the right 401(k), paying appropriate fees, and helping the owners/executives put away as much money as they are allowed?
  • And more!

Is The Full-Circle AnalysisTM for you? Learn more and get started!

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*All Alliance services will be provided by third-party service providers who are not affiliated with TCFIF.